No Appointment Necessary, Towing Available

We are open 8-5, Monday through Friday (except national holidays), and we offer towing on those days. You can earn a bonus by delivering the car. If you cannot drop your vehicle off during regular hours, leave it at the gate and we'll complete the transaction when you arrive with a title. We do not charge for storage for the first 90 days; if you need more than that, please contact us and we'll figure it out together.

I Cannot Find My Title

As a dealership, we usually need a title to buy a car, but sometimes special circumstances arise. Contact us for details, if the title is the only issue.

!! Paying $135.00 per Ton !! (Delivered, Complete with Fluids)

Payment is for complete, titled vehicles delivered to our 7804 S. Hwy 79 facility. We harvest in-demand parts and return metals, plastics, and fluids to the automotive food chain. Sell your car in May, and Detroit will have those materials off the assembly line and back in action before the same year's Sturgis Rally. Please contact us for an exact quote, especially if you are selling a newer vehicle or your vehicle is missing pieces.

I'd like to buy a car. Is a salvage title a bad thing?

Repaired cars are not necessarily bad cars. WHY a car has a salvage brand is important; the term is vague. Collision damage may brand a 2006 Taurus "salvage," while the same damage would be repaired on a 2021 Taurus without changing the brand. Hail damage can elicit a salvage brand, but hard collisions and light hail are not the same. Research the "why." Once you know that, a lot of money can be saved, and in truth, many of us already drive repaired vehicles; machines break, and they bump into things.

How Important is the Catalytic Converter?

For older cars in particular, the converter is the majority of the value. If you are having trouble finding your car’s catalytic converter, it may have been repiped by a previous owner or even stolen. Sometimes finding the converter shell may not be enough, if the contents have been damaged by age or removed to improve performance. We will examine your exhaust system at the time of sale and let you know if anything is amiss.

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