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We are a complete, full-service automotive recycling facility specializing in late-model parts and complete repairable vehicles.

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We specialize in newer passenger car and truck parts. Check out our inventory!

We Buy Cars

A-1 Auto Recyclers is paying top dollar for End-of-Life and damaged vehicles. Contact us for a quote. We recycle everything, even the washer fluid. Prices are lower this month because auto makers have slowed or ceased production. If the pay out for you car seems abysmally low, you may want to wait a month or two for steel to rebound. We will update pricing on the site as we learn of any changes.

!! Paying $20.00 per Ton !!

Payment is for complete, titled vehicles delivered to our 7804 S. Hwy 79 facility. We harvest in-demand parts and return metals, plastics, and fluids to the automotive food chain. Sell your car in May, and Detroit will have those materials off the assembly line and back in action before the same year's Sturgis Rally.

Salvage Title a Bad Thing?

Auto dealers, insurance agents, and lending institutions all seem to have their own rules for handling salvage brands. Properly repaired, branded cars should equal unbranded cars in performance, safety, and reliability. Millions of cars have been repaired; repaired cars are not necessarily bad cars. WHY a car has a salvage brand is important; the term is vague. Collision damage may brand a 2006 Taurus "salvage," while the same damage will be repaired on a 2018 Taurus without changing the title brand. Hail damage can result in a salvage brand, although there should be a material difference in most minds between a hard collision and light hail. In short, research, but once you have the truth, a great deal of money can be saved.

Courtesy is Common

Courteous service is our standard! If you have a question before or after a purchase, just call 800-456-0715 / 605-348-8442, or email us from our contact page.

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