Warranty Terms

Universal Policies
Labor Warranties are not standard with each sale and may be offered at an additional cost.
Glass and Tires are not warrantied. Customers inspect and accept these parts at the point of sale.
Returns must be within 30 days, in the same condition as sold, and are subject to a 20% restocking fee with a $15 minimum to defray inventory maintenance, labor, etc. Please call your sales contact to verify any anticipated credit. Returns are not accepted on special-order parts or cuts from frames, bodies, or like items.
CORE Returns must be drained and returned within 30 days of purchase. Deductions may apply to late returns; exceptions require documentation on the original invoice, which accompanies the core return. Qualifying cores are fully assembled. Dismantled or incomplete cores may receive credit at the salesperson’s discretion; full credit is reserved for fully assembled cores. If damaged, dissimilar interchange, incomplete, and other such cores are rejected, they may be picked up or shipped back at the customer’s option and expense. A-1 Auto Recyclers disposes of such cores in 30 days, if collection or return shipping is not arranged.

Warranty Information

    General Rules:
  • Our standard warranty is non-transferrable, lasts 90 days from the purchase date, and covers no labor. If purchased, labor warranties will accompany the original invoice of all valid warranty claims. See your salesperson for details. A-1’s parts are marked, tagged, and /or stamped for identification. Before settling a claim, A-1 will establish the part’s provenance.
  • Qualifying claims are returned fully assembled. Dismantled or incomplete assemblies may receive partial credit at the salesperson’s discretion, but full credit is reserved for fully assembled returns. Warranties do not cover accidental damage or non OEM alterations.
  • Improper installation voids all warranties. A-1 tests each part before marking it with identifiers; improper application or installation are the most common causes of failure. Non-stock, off-road, retro-fitted, racing, etc. installations void all warranties.
  • Seals, cables, pads, boots, tie-rod ends, gaskets, valve stems, shift motors, brake calipers, and other routine-maintenance or periphery items are not warrantied. Customers are responsible for the inspection and replacement of these periphery items. Warranties cover failure of the primary component; if that component fails because a routine maintenance or periphery item was not replaced, all warranties are void. A-1 will repair, replace, or refund the part on valid warranty claims per our sales person’s recommendations.

    Specific Rules:
  • Electronic component claims will be reviewed upon proof that all manufacturer-recommended relearning/reprogramming procedures, updates, Technical Service Bulletins, etc. are completed.
  • Engine heat-tabs that are altered, removed, or melted void all warranties.
  • Drivetrain components (Transmission, Transfer Case, Carrier Assembly, Front / Rear Axle Assembly) are drained and must be filled to manufacturer specifications with factory-authorized lubricants. Lubricants, filters, gaskets, seals, etc. must be new and manufacturer-approved.
  • Transmission Torque Converters must be those included with the sale (unless otherwise noted); they must be fully seated at installation; proof transmission cooler lines were properly flushed is an absolute requirement, or all warranties are void.